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Quiq ERP Version 6.0 comes with a cloud ERP solution that enables service-centric organizations in the public and private sectors to gain a significant advantage over their peers. Its leading-edge architecture facilitates faster innovation at a lower cost and with less disruption. The result is more opportunity and smarter operations.

  • Easy Growth – Quiq ERP gives customers the ability to scale up quickly and easily.
  • Effortless Innovation – Experimentation and innovation are built into Quq’s flexible finance and accounting structures in our ERP Software.
  • Seamless Mergers and Acquisitions - The system supports a streamlined integration of acquisitions, as it establishes controls and compliance without disrupting operations in Quiq ERP Software.
  • Efficient Divestiture – In times of change, you can scale back quickly and smoothly, as you effectively manage divestment scenarios.
  • Reduced Operational Costs – Users eliminate inefficiencies and spend more time and money on the customer and addressing risk in Quiq ERP Software.

Enterprise Software that Enhances Collaboration

Collaboration drives every organization and Quiq ERP makes it happen through a range of online chat, screen sharing, team workspaces, and other built-in social capabilities that keep colleagues close, information accessible, and group solutions managed and achieved. Queries and issues that used to be cumbersome are resolved easily and quickly thanks to Quiq ERP’s (Bangalore, Thrissur) clear user interfaces, role-specific tools, task-focused capabilities and other collaborative systems built into its foundation.

You people’s time and creativity is no more wastedon data entry and unwieldy software tools. Its time to change with retERP. Let them work better and smarter, and they will provide optimal service across your organization.

Quiq ERP solution can create customise your neds, out developers are experts in it and bangalore and thrissur we waiting for your support

ERP Software Development thrissur